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MeetAll About Gaynor

My name is Gaynor Jones, and I was born in Liverpool, England. My family moved to Brantford, Ontario Canada when I was four-years-old. After high school, I worked, got married, had two children. During this time I went to college and graduated as an Office Exec secretary. For years I pursued that field. In 2016 I took a big leap and made a career change. I enrolled in college to be a law clerk. Two weeks before I finished and graduated, I lost my father. My mother's health turns downward. I needed to take care of her.  

She fell into a deep depression, so I decided to help her. Growing up she told me stories about the abuse she received from her teachers at school. It was then I decided to write a book about it. Several months we would sit at her kitchen table and she would tell me her story. Eventually, I had her story and I decided to publish it as a book. I published Rose's Tale::The Strap, The Wooden Compass-The Endless Abuse at School. A lot of school children endured her abuse because the teachers did not like the fact they were poor. 

My daughter Abby is an air cadet. I have searched and found no other book about being an air cadet, so I decided to write Gabby's Tale. My hope was that it would reach the hands of pre-teens, and they would be excited and join it themselves.

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