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Gabby wanted to do something fun and exciting. She loved making friends and learning new skills. She learned how to build a shelter in the woods, build a fire, marksmanship, and got to fly in a glider plane. She even got paid for her summer training.

Gabby’s adventure begins when she joins the Canadian Air Cadet Program and ends when she is over 18 and must leave the program.

If you are between the ages of 12 and 18 and are looking for something fun and exciting to do, then read Gabby’s story to find out how you can set out on an adventure in this amazing program. You won’t be sorry!


Born in England in 1943, during a time of turmoil, poverty, and pain. Rose had a relatively normal childhood until she entered Grade Two. Her physical and verbal abuse began at the hands of her teachers. She was a cruel and ill-tempered woman who focused her abuse on Rose. Her only reprieve was summer vacation.


As the abuse continues throughout her school years, Rose becomes a sad and sullen child. It isn't until she meets Glynn that her life changes and happiness begins.


This is Rose's Tale as told by Gaynor, her daughter.

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Available through, Amazon, Indigo Chapters, Barnes & Noble.

New!! Reese and Marble

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